Entrepreneurship and financial education

Do you have an idea and want to start a business?

Are you looking to structure, develop and finance your project?

The Kajou Entrepreneurship card is for you! It provides training videos to help you identify, prepare, build and sustain your project.

The videos are selected and validated by our experts, and are accessible without the need for internet or a data package.

You'll find over 300 videos for :

  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Formalize your idea and turn it into a real business project
  • Steps for setting up a business and structuring your project
  • Day-to-day management
  • Finding financing and understanding financial products
  • Understanding administrative and legal obligations
  • Optimize capital management and financially anticipate unforeseen situations
  • Managing growth and scaling up

And all year round, receive from messages from our experts new content and invitations to events Kajou community events (conferences, online courses competitions, etc.)!


Language : French

Availability : Worldwide

Card type : SD and E-card

Type of content : Categorized video resources

Price : 16€ INCL. VAT / 10.500FCFA INCL. VAT

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