Bonjour: Learn French!

Discover the Bonjour France e-learning solution developed by the NGO Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.

The Bonjour card is 100% free and lets you quickly learn French from Ukrainian, and soon also from Pashto and Arabic!

  • 50 themes to help you find your way in everyday life (housing, finding a job, healthcare, getting around, etc.).
  • 100 podcasts and over 1,000 exercises to help you practise and improve your French quickly.
  • A lexicon with over 600 pre-recorded French phrases for learning and communicating.
  • For each theme, a practical library with information and cultural resources to help you discover France!

Everywhere we look, we see the essential need for refugee populations to learn the language of the host country: to find their way around, to undertake administrative procedures and quite simply to integrate and project themselves. Until now, there has been no free, practical solution for these populations to learn French.

Bonjour France and Bonjour Belgium are both a quick and fun way to learn the French language (acquisition of vocabulary and common expressions, grammar training, pronunciation work, etc.) and a library of cultural and information content that allows learners to immerse themselves in French and Belgian culture and daily life.


Language : French

Availability : Worldwide

Card type : E-card only

Type of content : French e-learning solution

Price : Free

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